Sunday, August 22, 2010

Food Storage Goal

This next month or few weeks try to start stocking up on cleaning products. Things like bleach, detergents, bar and hand soap. Don't forget to watch the clearance areas of your local stores, also CVS and Walgreens are great places to find deals on these items.
This is a great time to also stock up on tomato products. Whether you can them yourself, buy them, dehydrate them, get a good stock for the winter months.
With Labor Day just next weekend, this will be a good time to find deals on your picnic supplies. Things like paper products, condiments, and charcoal can be purchased at excellent prices. Example: Saturday while at price chopper there is an endcap with Chinet paper plates. I never buy them I think they are too expensive. They are on sale for $2.19. Each package of dinner plates had a $1.00 off this item on them. So I got very nice paper plates (environmentally friendly) for just $1.19 each. Yes I stocked up!! Paper plates are one of those things you wouldn't think to stock up on for food storage but if you want to save water, you don't want to be washing dishes!!

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