Friday, January 15, 2010

29 ways to put money in your pocket!

*Eat less meat.
*Become a vegetarian.
*Eat leftovers.
*Cook large amounts and freeze extra for busy nights.
*Scrape out food jars to use the last little bit.
*Cook from scratch.
*Never eat out.
*Eat from your stocked pantry.
*Bring lunch from home (it’s worth it to invest in proper containers).
*Eat less. The average American eats too much.
*Don’t use the vending machines at work.
*Always have a meal plan. Always.
*Use the Once a Month Cooking system.
*Keep soup starter jars in the freezer. A little leftover this, a little leftover that. Nothing is wasted.
*Get creative with leftovers. Concoct new recipes, so nothing is wasted.
*Base most of your meals on rice or beans to cut down on meat consumption.
*Look for events that entertain and feed you at the same time. Church socials, shopping at Sam’s (think about those free samples)…
*Don’t drink soda. Drink water!
*Make your own jello cups (or applesauce cups, or pudding cups) for lunches and snacks.
*If your kids complain about generic cereal, put the generic in a name-brand box. They’ll never know the difference!
*Use Angel Food Ministries if you have one in your area.
*Rear your own chickens.
*Join a freezer club. Get together with like-minded people to exchange meals for your freezers. It’s cheaper to prepare a lot of one meal and split it up, than to prepare a bunch of different meals.
*Make your own baby food.
*Always take a snack and bottle of water wherever you go. You won’t be tempted to stop for expensive fast food or drinks.
*Grow your own produce. No room? Try a square foot garden! Or use pots on the patio.
*Freeze, can, or dehydrate your produce.
*Cook with the crockpot to avoid using the oven, which warms up the house.
*Use a convection oven to accomplish the same purpose.

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