Sunday, February 28, 2010

2 week menu

Here is my 2 week menu trying to incorporate as much pantry ingredients or food storage as possible.

*fettuccini alfredo , breadsticks, salad       
*spaghetti, green benas, fruit salad
*bean enchiladas, corn , applesauce, salad
*turkey burgers, peas, fruit cocktail
*chicken potpie, salad, jello

fettuccini- noodles in storage, make homemade alfredo sauce with powder milk,etc.,Make breadsticks, and salad needs to be bought.
Spaghetti- sauce and noodles in storage, can green benas, and use can fruit from storage.
BeanEnchiladas- make tortillas, make beans, use can enchilada sauce.Canned corn and I had canned applesauce. 
        All from storage. Could add cheese.
TurkeyBurgers- make buns, need to buy turkey burgers, use canned peas, and fresh fruit .
Chicken PotPies- make crust, use canned veggies, and canned chicken. Jello from storage and fresh salad.

We almost always make homemade pizza on the weekends and do a pot roast or something like that on Sundays when we are at church. So I will only be posting M-F.

meatloaf, biscuits, bakes potatoes
manicotti, french bread, green beans, salad
potato corn chowder, breadbowls
biscuits&sausage gravy, apple slices
roast chicken, potatoes, baby carrots, rolls
Meatloaf-obvious make meatloaf, biscuits from scratch, & potatoes
Manicotti- sauce and noodles in storage,make frenchbread, canned green beans and buy salad
Chowder-use dehydrated dice potatoes, canned corn and velvetta, make breadbowls.
Bisc.&Gravy-biscuits from scratch, sausage gravy make, buy apples.
Chicken-potatoes-fresh, make rolls.

Breakfasts- make ahead and freeze pancakes, biscuits, breakfast burritos, muffins and scones
We will have cereal, oatmeal, and coffee cake too.
Lunches- usually leftovers, I will make bread and made jam over the summer and canned it. I have lots of peanut butter in the pantry. There's pb&j, fresh fruit and maybe a cookie for lunches. Kids can buy a milk at school.

My Grocery List from this 2 week menu:
Salad -big bag(Sams)
turkey burgers
whole chicken
ground chuck
5 lb potato
pork roast
6 gallons milk
case pepsi-gotta have LOL
6 boxes cereal-only bought at Aldi(ya can't beat less than $2 a box)

grand total from shopping trip for two weeks $58.96. I do have to brag, but alot has to do with my stocking up on staples . If anyone wants recipes for these just let me know.

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