Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's a Bucket of Charcoal Briquettes!
You Will Need:
1 or 2 5-Gallon Buckets with Lids
1 to 2 Bags of Charcoal Briquettes
The Printed PDF
I haven't been able to confirm an expiration
date anywhere for the briquettes.
I would recommend using them within 5 years,
but if you have different information than
I was able to find, please let me know!
The Document below says that Charcoal properly stored
can last Indefinately!
Charcoal Document PDF:
I would recomend printing the page and storing it inside of
your charcoal buckets.
This Document on Charcoal was sent in by
Mel Blocks from the Homeland Security Website.
It will answer any of the questions you have about storing
and using Charcoal.
Thank You for sharing such valuable information with us!
Did You Know . . .
That 1 Bag of Charcoal Briquettes will make it possible for
 you to cook 1 Meal a Day for a Whole Month?!?
It's a great storage item to have on hand.
Add a couple bottles of starter fluid and you're good to go!
Don't Forget the Matches!
Here's the PDF:

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