Thursday, September 9, 2010


Trying to get kids ready in the morning can sometimes
feel like you're trying to herd chickens!
Things can definately get to be a little bit
You try not to nag . . . but YOU DO, because if you don't
say anything, your little one's are likely to go
for days without brushing their teeth or taking a shower.
This little box has saved my SaNiTy on more than one occassion.
It's called the
Get Ready Box!
Here's how it works . . .
First of all, I made each of my boys a box of their own
in their color using a plastic pencil box.
They have a few different sizes.  I used the smaller one,
but if I had a girl, I might consider getting the larger one.
I filled the box with everything they would need to get ready
in the morning, including:
My boys have used deoderant since they were two years old!
I know you're probably thinking . . .
"What is wrong with this mother?"
Let me explain.
They were going through the motions but not actually
putting any deoderant on.
The safety seal was still in tact and wasn't removed until
they were older and really needed it.
They had no clue!
My reason for doing this is simple . . .
Teenage boys can create smells words can't describe so I wanted
to get a headstart on teaching this good habit . . .
for the sake of all mankind!!!
If they take a shower and do everything in the box,
every morning, they're good to go!
The Get Ready Box has a lot of perks!
No more gooey toothpaste stuck to the
bottom of the bathroom drawer.
No more nagging!
The box lets them be in charge.
Once they've done everything in the box . . .
they know they're done!
It's their responsibility to let me know if they are out
of toothpaste, hairspray, deoderant . . . etc. and
they are in charge of keeping their box clean.
If you can't find a brush or box in their color,
just tie a small piece of ribbon in their color to the items.
Color-Coding is a parent's greatest tool!
If a toothbrush is left out . . . you'll know in seconds
who it belongs to.
Each of my boys have two drawers in the bathroom.
1 for their Get Ready Box and 1 for their towels.
If you have toddlers, you will want to be there with them,
the whole time.  I can only imagine what they could do with the
contents of this box if left alone.
This is a great time to train and teach them.  They actually like
help and try to do the big kid stuff when they're that age.
The school supplies are on sale . . . EVERYWHERE right now,
so you shouldn't have a problem finding the pencil boxes.
I purchased the rest of the stuff at the dollar store and Walmart.
I refill the hairspray and Q-tips at home to save money.

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