Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Official, Schools Back In Session!
The kids want to play as soon as schools out but...
Unfortunately . . . That's Not Exactly
What MOM Has Planned!
Chores Need to be Done, Scriptures Read,
Showers Need to be Taken, Piano Practiced,
and for SaNiTy Reasons . . .
We all need some kind of ROUTINE!
This little door hanger will let friends know
if it's
"Time for PLAY"
"Time for WORK."
Here It Is:
Stop and Go Door Charts PDF
Print the PDF.
Laminate the door hangers.
Punch a hole in the tops.
Tie a ribbon through the hole,
and Hang it from your door knob.
Fast, Easy, and Effective!

And the best part of all . . .
I don't have to feel bad anymore
when friends come over to play and my boys
aren't quite finished with their jobs.
Their friends can see the bright-colored signs
from the sidewalk so they don't even have to walk up the stairs!
It's actually been a great incentive for my boys to get
their jobs done early so they can hang the
sign up before any of their friends even get the chance
to do a drive by!
It's a
at my house!

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