Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Portable Changing Station!
It's perfect for CampingTraveling, to use Around the House,
and Especially In An Emergency!
Here It Is:
The Pockets in the Left Side Can Hold:
12 Large Diapers.
The Pockets in the Right Side Can Hold:
Baby Lotion, Wet Wipes, Baby Powder,
Baby Rash Cream, Hand Sanitizer, Receiving Blanket,
Extra Socks, Onsies, Binkie, Bottle, and Toys.
It folds up to keep items secure.
I'm going to add handles to the ends but I'm still deciding
what to use to make them.
The Portable Changing Station
can be carried in a canvas bag,
a suitcase, an emergency duffle bag or by the handles.
Also Included:
A Two-Sided Changing Pad.
(One side has plastic and the other side is a towel.)
You Will Need:
1 Hand Towel
1 Bath Towel
Thread to Match
You will need to measure the size of your hand towel for
the amounts.  All hand towels are NOT created equal!
You will need to add an extra 1/3 yard of the printed fabric
to trim the ends of the bath towel.
Blanket Casing
1 Large Button
Sewing Instructions for the
Two Sided Changing Pad:
Cut a piece of fabric the same size as your hand towel.
Cut a piece of fleece the same size as your hand towel.
Cut a piece of plastic the same size as your hand towel.
I added ribbon loops between the plastic and the towel.
(Just for looks!)
Clip the hand towel, fabric, fleece, and plastic together in
the order listed above.
Make sure the right sides of the fabric towel are facing each other
with the plastic in between,
and then add the fleece to the top of the fabric.
Sew the two sides and the top seams.
Slip your hand between the plastic and the towel and
turn it out, so that the seam is on the inside.
The fleece will be sandwiched between the towel
and the fabric when you are done.
Use the blanket casing or thick ribbon to finish the raw edges.
I added ric-rac over the ribbon on the outside.
I also added a bow and a button.  I put them over the ribbon
where I started and stopped to cover the seam.
Hand-Stitch the bottom to close and finish the changing pad.
Start ribbon in the center-front of the changing pad.
Back Side
To Make the Changing Station:
You will need to cut two 4" strips of fabric the width of
the bath-sized towel ends.
Pin the strips just below the end seams on the towel
with the right side facing the towel.
Sew the fabric to the towel using a 1/2" seam.
Fold the strip in half and flip over the other side of the
end seam of the towel.
You are basically covering the end seam of the towel
with fabric.
Sew the folded edge to the other side of the towel.
The left side is complete.
Fold finished towel ends into the center to make the pockets.
I used diapers to decide the depth of my pockets.
(They are a little less than 1/4 the length of the towel.)
Sew the two outside edges only.
Turn pockets so that the seams are on the inside.
Use diapers as a guide for the pockets.
Everything else seems to fit into that size.
Pin between the diapers to create pockets.
Remove the diapers and sew pocket dividers.
I added a second pin to the bottom to use as a guide
so that my lines would be straight.
I folded the bottom up to the top to match the pins.
Add contents to pockets.
You can fit 2 diapers into each pocket.
(It's a little snug, but it works.)
Fold each side into the center over the pad.
Fold in half from left side to right side.
Right in the middle of the pockets.
Wah Lah . . . A Portable Changing Station!
This can also be used as a clean place to lay a sleeping baby.
Just make sure to flip the changing pad so that the towel side is up.
Add These Items To
Your Portable Changing Station:
Wet Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Diaper Rash Cream
Baby Powder
Fingernail Clippers
Bulb Syringe
and a few Extra Nursing Pads.
That should cover it!

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